Flower Pot

To creative a beautiful garden,flowers is a must,to fit these beautiful plants we developed their containers in a wide variety of materials. Planters and flower pots allow for creativity and flexibility when designing a garden that fits the specific needs of you.Terracotta,ceramic,MGO and metal are our main materials to make planters,each of mateirla has their features to fit different needs of flowers/plants and climate.Not only the plants and flowers should be selected by specific climated,but the care and maintenance of planters themselves depend on climate as well. You may need to bring ceramic and terra cotta pots indoors during freezing weather, as they tend to crack more easily.Also,certain flower pots and planters may overheat your plants and flowers during hot and sunny weather if care is not taken to keep them in the shade.Unlike the traditonal pots,to bring cerativity to garden,we designed them in various form,terracotta/ceramic and MOG can be made in kinds of animals shaped for seasons holiday decoration,metal ones are both with painting and decal patterns.Get started in container gardening with a bright and colorful new flower pot or planter for your lovely plants.

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