Money Bank

When we are young ,virtually everyone,had money banks for saving coins in kind of forms.To encourge kids to be helpful on doing chores,parents like to give them some tasks and give some rewards with some coins. And we always put these coins in the money bank,drop extra coins in a top slot, wait until it fills up then break it open. To satisfy every kid's needs,money banks are always be made in huge wide range of designs and comes in different mateials,mostly are in ceramic and polyresin. Virtually any can, jar, shoe box, or bottle could become one, and as long as there was a top with a coin slot, it could be used for coin collection and savings. Also,there are many themed money banks,from rainy days to adventures, positive sayings and travel funds, these sayings are written on the front of the banks to constantly remind you what the savings are all about. Additionaly,money coins can be made in different type and styles with cartoon characters.And, you can have a doggy bank, a kitty bank, a giraffe bank, a cow bank, and several other animal-themed banks.Besides being functional to kids,money banks are helpful for adults too.Do you always place your spare changes or coins on on a counter, a dresser, a coffee table,and lose them in the end?and if you leave them in your pockets, you may never find any of your change again,to deal with this issue,the best way to using a money bank.

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