Fruit Series

Dinnerware is creatived for ingredients,what if we make the dinnerware in the shape of ingredients itself? It's fun and interesting,right?Fruit theme dinnerware is a tasty accent for home decoration,it brings classic color and authentic country charm to your tabletop in the form of peaches, blackberries, apples and strawberries on classic ceramic dinnerware sets.Fruity dinnerware collection features a cheerful pattern of brightly colored blossoms and fruit adorning ceramic finished with wonderful scalloped edges and delicate details.Lemon plates for added zest ,they’re reusable, perfect for all your summer picnics and BBQ’s.Dinnerware in kind of fruit's shapes look amazing as a table centerpiece.Are you annoying by getting the suitatble dinnerware set for your kids?Fruit themed one is perfect for them,cup in blueberry, a bowl in zest yellow, and a plate in apple green ,the fruit patterns just look so yummy. Hand painted, handmade ceramic fruit theme dinnerware features a variety of plum, fig, pear, raspberry, blackberry, cherry bananas, strawberry.The fruit theme dinnerware is not just pretty and pratical,the true beauty of the collection is that it’s a timeless set, never to go out of style.Like a breath of fresh air and remind you of being in the fruits paradies.

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